Department of Special Education 

Welcome to Special Education Department at Charmo University. DSE is a new department that established in 2016 and currently we have 125 Students. We offer students the opportunity to gain special training and research experience with diverse populations across the life span to ensure appropriate education for students regardless of the extent or type of their disability

Objectives of DSPE - Our Department is committed to teach and work closely with our students to provide high-quality education programs for undergraduate students to ensure the best preparation of special education teachers.

- DSPE will provide consultation services, training and qualification courses to any private or governmental organization and family members to create an effective climate for learning by sharing all available information about a child’s disability pertinent to the child’s performance in an educational setting.

- DSPE will actively involve in innovation research that has an impact on students with disabilities in the including identified mild/moderate disabilities, severe disabilities, early childhood special education, vision impairments, and students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Department's view - It is expected that the department will have an important position among scientific departments in Kurdistan.

- Attempting for providing more services to special needs (Positive and Negative)

- Conducting scientific research to serve the people of Garmian and humanity in general.

- Giving ability to the students in identifying the unusual and rare conditions. Supplying them with efficient trainings to improve their ability in development programs for special and normal abilities.

- Enriching the student's ability in academic and practical way to increase their professional ability levels.

Learning Outcomes

It is expected that graduate students of Special Education Department will have the following skills and abilities.

-Understanding the main concepts and theoretical quests about the Special Education.

- The ability of diagnosing the problems of the in Special Education field

-Doing a scientific research

- -selecting the projects and the efficiencies of managing in Special Education

-The ability of working hard in different teams and in classes and labs.

Being efficient and having good knowledge in communication both written and spoken -

The ability of using modern technology tools for Special Education fields.-

-Knowing and practicing the appropriate rules and methods of treatment with those one who have disorders and those who need a Special treatment.

Students are able to study postgraduate studies or to get a job.-

The language of the study in this department

Generally, the language of the study for all the courses in Special Education department is Kurdish language except some few subjects which they must be studied in English language.

Methods of the study:

There are many methods of studying including; giving assignments, lecturing , private lectures, learning groups, doing workshops, short tests, exams, lab reports, writing articles, presentation, and making posters.

The duration of the study in this department is four years for full time study. The courses start in the middle of September and ends in late July.

Employment opportunities in the future:

as Special Education department is a new department in Kurdistan Universities and also there is much interest towards this field, and also many schools are established for this purpose and special classrooms are deviated for those students in the schools for these reasons employment opportunities will be more for the graduates of this department . In addition, there are many governmental and non-governmental centers, offices, organizations for students who have learning disorders, visual problems, hearing problems, or body impairments, where the graduates of this departments can work. The occupation opportunities will be in the following fields:

- Teaching in Special Education fields

- Training in Special Education Fields

- Advising in Special Education fields

- Management in Special Education Fields

- Supervision in Special Education Fields

The (governmental and non-governmental places) where the graduates can work in

- Ministry of Education.

- Ministry of society affairs.

- The centers, offices, institutions, which are established and specified for those people who have a special cases and disorders

- Autism centers

- Family care centers.

- Non-governmental organizations (save children, otitis, and blind)

- Companies and office of private sector which are specified to Special Education fields.

- Establishing new centers.

The credits of the study in this department

The following link will show all the credits and course modules of the department. Each course module has it is standard code which has a link and its own website to see all the information about the course. Please, be aware that in each module's web-link you will see the teaching credentials of the lecturer's course or modules.

Academic staff members:

Zana Othman mohammed
Position: Dept head
Scientific Title: Lecturer
Qualification: PhD

Farman Ali Mahmood
Position: Teaching Staff

Scientific Title: Lecturer
Qualification: PhD

Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: 
Farman Zahir
PhD Student
Scientific Title: Ass. Lecturer 
Qualification: MSc 


Gelas Abdulla
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Lecturer
Qualification: PhD
Committee: The head of Quality Assurance
of the college
Avan Abdulla Hassan
Position: PhD Student
Scientific Title: Ass. lecturer
Qualification: MSc

Peshraw Khalaf Saeed
Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Ass. Lecturer
Qualification: MSc

Mariwan A Mohammed
Position: PhD Student
Scientific Title: Ass. Lecturer
Qualification: MSc


Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Ass. Lecturer


Position: Teaching Staff
Scientific Title: Assistant Lecturer
Qualification: Masters degree

  1. Zana Othman mohammed (Head of department) (Lecturer) 
  2. Majid Assadmohammed (Lecturer) 
  3. Talel Ghalib (Lecturer)
  4. Gelas Abdulla (Lecturer)
  5. Farman Ali Mahmood (Lecturer)
  6. Farman Zahir ( Assistant Lecturer) 
  7. Avan Abdulla Hassan ( Assistant Lecturer) 
  8. Peshraw Khalaf Saeed (Assistant Lecturer)
  9. Mariwan A Mohammed ( Assistant Lecturer) 
  10. Parzheen Jabar ( Assistant Lecturer) 
  11. Suzan Mahmuod (Assistant Lecturer)