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Seminar Presentation

posted Feb 7, 2019, 12:19 AM by Heero Ghareeb Abdullah
A group of seminar was presented by the teachers of English department on 6th Feb 2019, 
as the followings:
  • Dr.Zanyar Karim under the title of ''A Psychological Study of the theme's in Doyle Paddy Clarke HA HA HA through stream of consciousness''
  • Dr. Pishtewan Faraj under the title of ''Chronicling Iraq`s Trauma and Narrating War and Oppression in Sinan Antoon´s The Corpse Washer''
  • Dr. Taymaa Hussien Ali under the title of ''War in Children´s Literature''
  • Dr. Ibrahim Mhammad under the title of ''Techniques of Vocabulary Development in Select Readings''
  • M. Yadgar Fayaq under the title of ''Waiting for Godot: Not about Godot''
  • M. Shango Mhammad under the title of ''A Commentary on an Annotated Translation of´The Dead´by James Joyce''
  • M. Shoxan Mhammad under the title of ''industrialisation in William Wordsworth´s Selected Poems''
  • M. Akam Rashid under the title of ''(Words Equal Actions: A Stylistic Study of Kane´s Cleansed''